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A Pilot Program for Matching Funds

From the 2019 legislature, Assembly Bill 489 created the Grant Matching Fund (GMF) pilot program to provide funds to state agencies, local governments, tribal governments, and nonprofit organizations as the matching funds for federal and nongovernmental organization grants. Senate Bill 528 appropriated $1 million to fund the grants awarded by the pilot program. 

    The GMF pilot program is an outcome of a recommendation from the Nevada Advisory Council on Federal Assistance. The goal is to reduce applicant organizations from passing on grant opportunities with match requirements and thereby increase grant funding in Nevada. In 2018, the council surveyed Nevada’s grant professionals to quantify this reported barrier, gauge the level of interest in a matching funds pilot program, and assess a program’s potential to increase the number of federal grant applications.

    • Of grant professionals surveyed, 26% report very frequently or frequently passing on a grant opportunity due to a lack of match funding.
    • In the same survey, 64% of respondents indicated that an available pot of match funds would definitely or probably increase the number of federal grant applications their organization applied for.

    Pilot Program Launch

    The GMF pilot program was approved by the Interim Finance Committee in December 2019 and launched in January 2020. The pilot program will accept applications on an ongoing basis. Any GMF pilot program match awards are contingent on program funding. For more information on how to apply to the GMF pilot program for match funding, watch the pre-application information video and review other materials for applicants below.

      Stakeholder Feedback Requested

      As required by Assembly Bill 489, the Grant Office will submit a GMF pilot program report to the legislature by January 31, 2021 summarizing the program's outcomes and making recommendations. Stakeholder feedback on the pilot program, including survey responses of program applicants, awardees, and review team members, will be a critical component of the report. Feedback can be submitted at any time to the GMF pilot program manager.