Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies

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What is a CEDS?

A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) are designed to bring together the public and private sectors in the creation of an economic roadmap to diversify and strengthen regional economies. The CEDS should analyze the regional economy and serve as a guide for establishing goals and objectives, developing a plan of action, and identify investment priorities and funding sources.

    Building Stronger Federal Grant Applications

    Many federal agencies are now assessing the regional economic development needs as part of the application. A typical question might be: "Does the region in which the project will be located have a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)?" Followed by: "Describe how the proposed project addresses the goals and objectives of the region."

      CEDS are filed with the U.S. Economic Development Administration, and must be revised every 5 years. Listed below are the State Plan for Economic Development, state-commissioned industry reports, and the available CEDS for Nevada's regions, counties, and metropolitan areas.

        Nevada State Plan for Economic Diversification, Reports and Studies

        Below are links to the economic development state plan and to the series of studies and reports commissioned by the Office of Secretary of State to support the plan and mission of Nevada’s Office of Economic Development.

          Preliminary analyses, conducted by the Brookings Institution and SRI International, provide perspective on Nevada’s current economic situation, and on the state’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential for future economic growth and diversity. The state plan developed by the Governor's Office of Economic Development provides solid solutions and a clear direction, over the next two years, toward advancing Nevada's goal of diversifying and advancing its economy.