Nevada Grant Office

    About the Nevada Grant Office

    Our office supports state agencies, local agencies, and community partners by identifying grant-related funding opportunities and providing grant-related technical assistance requests and training. The Nevada Grant Office also supports the Nevada Advisory Council on Federal Assistance.

      Established through the unanimous passage of Senate Bill 233 by Nevada's legislators in the summer of 2011, the Office of Grant Procurement, Coordination, and Management was created with the intent of addressing the State of Nevada's grant performance. The Grant Office (GO) is given the authority to operate under NRS 232.222-226 and is charged with helping state agencies with federal grant opportunity identification, application, and management. Because state agencies have consistently identified the same barriers to maximizing federal grant funding in Nevada through the biannual Grant Capacity Survey and other GO surveys, the Grant Office’s scope has expanded significantly to reduce these barriers. The GO is a part of the Nevada Department of Administration, not the Governor's Office.

        Grant Office Services

        The Nevada Grant Office provides a full range of grant-related support for state agencies and community partners, such as:

        • Distributing federal funding opportunity announcements via our listserv
        • Identifying potential grant partners and grant review committee members
        • Project management for developing grant proposals
        • Researching data to support proposal process
        • Developing/acquiring memorandums of understanding (MOUs) and commitment/support letters for proposals
        • Reviewing and editing final drafts of proposals
        • Advising on federal and state requirements