Nevada Grant Office

About the Nevada Grant Office

Our office supports state agencies by identifying grant-related funding opportunities and providing grant-related resources, advocacy, and coordination. The Nevada Grant Office also supports the Nevada Advisory Council on Federal Assistance.

    Established through the unanimous passage of Senate Bill 233 by Nevada's legislators in the spring of 2011, the Office of Grant Procurement, Coordination, and Management (Nevada Grant Office) was created with the intent of addressing the State of Nevada's federal grant performance. NRS 232.222-226 gives the Nevada Grant Office the authority to help state agencies with federal grant opportunity identification, application preparation, and guidance on grant management. As part of the Department of Administration, the Nevada Grant Office serves as a centralized resource for all state departments and agencies and provides resources, advocacy, and coordination to reduce identified grant barriers that prevent state agencies and grant professionals throughout Nevada from securing more federal grant funding.

      Grant Office Services

      The Nevada Grant Office provides a range of grant-related support for state agencies that community partners may also find helpful.