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COVID-19 Status

As staffing levels allow, the Grant Office will continue to provide grant assistance and resources related to COVID-19. Please be aware that the situation is changing rapidly and our capacity and priorities may shift at any moment; we apologize in advance for any inconvenience or frustration this might cause.

    Training provided by the Grant Office is postponed, though we will continue to provide information about free and low-cost grant training resources.

      Connect with the Nevada Grant Office

      If you didn't find the grant resource or guidance you were looking for on our website, please contact our office so that we may assist you. Our general office email address and phone number and staff contact information is listed to the right. Note that our office does not manage or award any grants.

        Do you have a question, idea or concern about the Nevada Grant Office that you would like to share with management? Please complete the Feedback Form to the left and your comments will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member for consideration. You have the option to remain anonymous.

          Mailing Address

          The Grant Office's physical office is not open to the public. 

          Office of Grant Procurement, Coordination, and Management
          100 N. Stewart St. Ste. 200
          Carson City, Nevada 89701

            Correspondence to the Nevada Advisory Council on Federal Assistance may also be sent to the above address in care of the Nevada Grant Office.

              Public Information Requests

              If you're in search of a public record that you believe originated from the Nevada Grant Office, please contact us directly so that we can either help direct you to the document online or locate the document for you. For additional guidance regarding public records requests, see the information provided by the Nevada Department of Administration.