Reports and Publications

    Grant Office Reports

    The Office of Grant Procurement, Coordination, and Management is legislatively mandated to produce a report to the Legislature on or before January 1st of each odd-numbered year.  In addition, the State Grant Office provides reporting on performance, data and other metrics.

    Major Grant Funding Programs

    The Federal Funds Information for States (FFIS) provides an analysis and trending for 244 major federal grant-in-aid programs, which are tracked through the FFIS database.  The worksheet includes the grant expenditures from federal fiscal year (FFY) 2006 through FFY 2016.  There are an average of 2,319 Code of Federal Regulations (CFDA) grant classifications, that are edited annually.  On any given FFY there are approximately 1,300-1,400 CFDA specific grant opportunities.  This provides a trending analysis snapshot of only the 244 grants FFIS tracks, and not all grants awarded in Nevada.

    • Nevada has experienced one of the largest increases in grant awards between FFY 2009-2014, at 51.5%.  Federal spending only grew by 21.4% over this same timeframe.
    • In FFY 2014, overall per capita spending for grants was $1,969 an increase of 17% compared to FFY 2009 (FFIS Special Analysis 15-03).  Nevada ranked #2 in the largest growth in per capita grants at 43.6% during the same time frame, just behind Oregon at 44.1%. 
    • Nevada is the only state to rank in the top 10 of population growth, at the same time ranking in the top top as largest growth in per capita for grant awards.

    State of Nevada Single Audit Report (SAR), June 30, 2014

    The Nevada State Controller's Office provides an annual single audit report of financial statements for each government entity, excluding the Nevada System of Higher Education; Self Insurance and Insurance Premiums Internal Service Funds, Pension Trust Funds; Housing Division; Nevada College Savings Plan; Retirement Benefits Investment Fund; and the Division of Museums and History Dedicated Trust Fund.  This report includes a schedule of expenditures for federal grant awards and cooperative agreements.  Grant awards and cooperative agreements are located on page 85 through 120.  The detailed list of federal expenditures for the year are identified by the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number.

    Federal Contract, Grant and Loan Reporting Launched March 2015 is the publicly accessible, searchable website mandated by the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) of 2006.  The federal agencies are required to report the name of the entity receiving the award, the amount of the award, the recipient's location, the place of performance location, in addition to other detailed information to maximize transparency in government spending.  The legislation required that any federal contract, grant, or loan be displayed on the searchable website.  In addition, all sub-awards are mandated to be updated by the Prime awardee, no exclusions for non-governmental entities, on the FSRS FFATA Sub-award Reporting System (  Although the federal requirement is that all sub-awards that total over $25,000 be updated, Nevada requires all sub-awards from state agencies to be updated for reconciliation and state level transparency.

    2014 Nevada Grant Capacity Executive Summary

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