Grant Management System

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The Nevada Grant Office is seeking an enterprise grant management system that will be used by all state agencies and grant subrecipients for managing state and federal grant awards. The system is expected to increase the amount of federal grant funding in Nevada, create administrative efficiency, and enable data collection and analysis.


    Historically, Nevada has been among the lowest-ranked states for federal grants received per capita. Nevada state agencies continue to report a lack of grant application capacity and other barriers to accessing or increasing grant dollars for their organizations. 

    In 2016 and 2018, the Nevada Advisory Council on Federal Assistance recommended to the Governor and Nevada legislators that the state implement a grant management system. As a result, during the 2017 and 2019, the Nevada legislature appropriated funds to purchase and implement such a system. An initial contract was awarded in 2017, but was appealed. The Department of Administration issued a second request for proposal in July 2019, but ultimately cancelled that request so the requirements could be updated. The Department expects to issue a new request for proposal by the end of calendar year 2019.

    During the 2019 session, the legislature appropriated $200,000 each year over the next biennium for the vendor contract.

      About the Grant Management System

      Potential grant recipients--like state agencies, county and local governments, and nonprofits--will be able to use the grant management system to search and apply for grants and report on grants. The state will be able to manage subrecipients through a portal and review grant proposals for state-level solicitations.

      The system will enable state data collection, analysis, and reporting on successful applications, grant dollars received, missed funding opportunities, as well as data on awards, subrecipients, and grant matching.

        Revised Project Timeline

        Anticipated project timeline:

        • 2019 Legislative session – Appropriation of $200,000 each year over the next biennium for the vendor contract
        • July 2019 – Issued request for proposal (open to all vendors)
        • October 2019 – Cancelled request for proposal to revise requirements
        • By end of 2019 – New request for proposal issued
        • By mid-2020 – Contract awarded
        • TBD – Planning and implementation