The Nevada Grant Office is committed to working with all agencies to identify funding and program opportunities that support the diverse needs of our population, including Nevada's non-profits.  To expand technical support capabilities, the Grant Office develop inter-agency teams for grant development (i.e., health and human services, education, workforce etc.) working collaboratively as teams of professional grant writers and technical staff, no one agency is left doing the entirety of coordinating a grant proposal for submission.  

Over the past biennium the grants office has coordinated efforts with many of Nevada's talented professionals to bring quality projects and new programs to our citizens; a few are summarized below:

    Now is the Time: Project AWARE and Climate Transformation (Nevada Dept. of Education)

    Project AWARE enabled a comprehensive approach to address the diminished capacity of youth mental health prevention and intervention activities in several of Nevada’s counties and includes communication, outreach, education, treatment and support programs for youth and young adults who have, or at risk to develop, a serious mental illness or substance abuse disorder, and could be at a higher risk for suicide.  This was a national competition, in which Nevada was awarded a 5-year grant program at nearly $2 million each year.  The climate transformation grant, also a national competition, is a 5-year program awarded at nearly $400,000 each year and assists the State to implement the evidence-based, multi-tiered behavioral framework of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) to assist in improving overall school climate and safety.

      System of Care (DHHS - Division of Child and Family Services)

      This funding is assisting Nevada in the statewide implementation of a sustainable infrastructure and serves as part of the Children’s Mental Health Initiative to ensure Nevada’s children and families benefit from evidence informed services and supports by assuring coordinated, accessible, community-based, individualized services.  The System of Care application was part of a national competition in which $11.2 million was awarded for the 4-year program and requires programs to integrate mental health, social services, education, health care, substance abuse, vocational, and juvenile justice services when necessary for each client – delivered at the local level.  

        Preschool (Nevada Department of Education)

        This funding builds infrastructure for new high-quality Pre-K seats; improves existing programs and offers a variety of critical wraparound services to the most vulnerable children in our communities. The cumulative federal funds for this program exceed $43 million over the 4 year grant cycle and include funding for monitoring and evaluation; professional development; and direct support to our partners. 

          Opioid Prevention and Treatment (DHHS - Division of Public and Behavioral Health)

          Over the biennium the grants office coordinated on several projects affecting the outcomes of opioid prevention and treatment activities.  These projects include the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, the Harold Rogers enhancement grant, and the Prescription Drug Overdose Program.  The programs are varied in length of years awarded and equate to just over $1 million annually. 

            Re-entry Planning and Implementation (Nevada Department of Corrections)

            As part of the Second Chance Initiative, the grants office coordinated with several agencies on the submission of an initial strategic planning grant.  This initial grant brought together state, local and private providers to update the state’s strategic plan to reduce recidivism rates in Nevada by effectively integrating offenders exiting detention centers into our communities.  This planning grant enabled Nevada to pursue the second phase of funding and successfully secured $980,000 in implementation funding.    

              Charter Schools (Nevada Department of Education/State Public Charter School Authority)

              Nevada pursued this funding, leveraging state funds, in an effort to expand the number of high-quality charter schools available for students state-wide.  This award enabled financial assistance to partners for infrastructure and implementation of charter schools and supports information dissemination of successful practices in charter schools.  Funding received for high-quality charter school development is approximately $11.5 million over the 3 year grant period. 

                Apprenticeship Expansion (Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation)

                The efforts to modernize and diversify the economy by recruiting innovative companies and entrepreneurs have been largely successful. This initiative will allow Nevada to further integrate apprenticeships in education and workforce development and came to Nevada through two (2) competitive application processes:  1) Accelerator and 2) Expansion.  This funding is expected for several years and represents approximately $1 million annually and will see the creation of new, and diverse, registered apprenticeship programs in Nevada.  

                  Juvenile Justice Review - Council of State Governments Justice Center

                  Nevada was the only recipient of the United States Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), Council of State Governments (CSG) technical assistance award. This opportunity included leadership across the three branches of government and will perform a comprehensive review of Nevada’s juvenile justice system resulting in analysis to use resources efficiently to reduce recidivism and improve other outcomes for youth in Nevada’s juvenile justice system. The Task Force will be comprised of lawmakers, judges, state and local juvenile justice leaders and other stakeholders. 


                    Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (Department of Health & Human Services)

                    This demonstration program signals an unprecedented opportunity for Nevada’s behavioral health system to innovate ways in which behavioral health providers can address unmet need in both urban and frontier communities.  This funding expands services available to include supported employment, ambulatory detox, medication assisted treatment, screening and care for chronic conditions, and family support services.  One of the primary goals of the CCBHC demonstration program is to provide high quality, evidence-based care that addresses each individual’s needs, when and where care is needed.  The funding represents a potential of nearly $125 million additional (federal) Medicaid dollars.

                      National Association of Governor's (NGA) Center for Best Practices (Governor's Office)

                      The NGA’s Policy Center provides information, research, policy analysis, technical assistance and resource development for governors and their staff across a range of policy issues.  Over the last biennium, the grants office worked with the Governor’s Office and agency staff to successfully procure several policy academy grants and technical assistance opportunities, such as Enhancing Medicaid Leadership, Early Child Services and Cybersecurity Initiatives.